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Platinum Banking

NIC Platinum Banking is an exclusive members only banking proposition for affluent individuals which offers you a highly personalized approach to banking, with a host of products and exclusive benefits designed to meet your needs. At NIC Platinum Banking we believe in tailor made financial solutions that help you achieve your financial aspirations. We ensure complete understanding of all your financial needs and personalise the service that you expect. Our unique proposition gives you the choice of managing your wealth efficiently and effectively.

Platinum Privileges

Dedicated Relationship Team

  • A skilled and Dedicated Relationship Manager assigned to manage and oversee your total relationship with the bank.
  • A qualified team of Product Advisors/ Specialists to assist you with a wide range of financial services and products such as Insurance, Securities and Investments.
  • A Dedicated Platinum Service Line at the Contact Centre
  • Dedicated Platinum Banking Officers to provide you with day to day service at the exclusive Platinum Lounges

Faster, simpler and differentiated banking experience

  • Access to Members only Platinum lounges at selected branches across the network
  • Additional convenience of Online & Mobile Banking
  • Extended Banking Hours at select branches
  • Preferential Rates on deposits & forex
  • Preferential terms on loan facilities
  • Priority processing of transactions and instructions
  • Platinum Debit card
  • Platinum Credit Card
  • Invitation to exclusive platinum events
  • Access to Lifestyle Privileges & Discounts
  • Household recognition of Platinum account holder’s spouse & children
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Market Research Reports.
  • Access to The Platinum Knowledge Hub


Holiday Packages valid during festive season

Platinum Solutions

Solutions to meet your Payment, Transactional, Savings, Credit, Investment & Insurance Needs

Platinum Current Account
  • International Platinum Debit Card
  • Free Cheque Book
  • Unlimited monthly standing orders
  • Mobile Banking
  • Internet Banking
  • Free monthly electronic bank statements.
Savings Accounts

Our savings account is designed to provide you with simplicity and convenience. We offer an attractive solution for customers with a keen interest on saving money.

Foreign Currency Current Accounts
  • Available in USD, GBP, Euro
  • Non-Interest Bearing
Young Movers Savings Account:

A child account specifically tailored to encourage saving on a regular basis, opened by parents and guardians.

Fixed Deposit

A Fixed Deposit Account that gives you the attractive rates of interest that you expect, with the added flexibility of being able to draw on your funds at any time through an overdraft facility or a secured credit card. You can choose from multiple currencies and durations to find a Fixed deposit that is right for you.

Call Deposits

The Call Deposit is a truly unique account earning you a higher interest rate without locking away your money for a long period.

The funds can be withdrawn at any time and the balance of your deposit will continue to earn interest at the agreed rate.

*Terms & Conditions apply

Lending Solutions

Personal Loan
Our personal loans offer you an opportunity to acquire assets, accomplish your goals and are custom made to suit your lifestyle. These are available to those who have regular income.

Secured Personal Loan
Leveraging your personal assets can help you secure a loan or line of credit at a lower interest rate. Personal assets could be your home, car or personal savings. The value of these assets helps our team of experts determine the rate of your loan or line of credit.


Asset Finance

At NIC Bank we will assist you to acquire new and used movable assets at competitive terms. We have partnered with the major new and used car dealers in the market to offer you a wide
range of vehicles at the best pricing.
We offer the following products and services:
• Hire Purchase
• Insurance Premium Finance
• Bancassurance To finance your asset with our flexible solutions, visit our new Asset Finance Centre to
experience personalised services in a modern and relaxed environment.

Platinum Mortgage

The NIC Bank Mortgage offers you the following options

  • Purchase Mortgage: Financing to purchase a readymade unit
  • Equity Release: Financing against your property for further investment
  • Balance Transfer/Refinance: Allows you to transfer your existing facility from another financier
  • Construction Finance: Financing to build your own home
  • Plot Purchase: Financing to buy a vacant piece of land

The NIC Mortgage provides you the following features and benefits:

  • Mortgage Protection Insurance (MPI) cover that, takes care of retrenchment, death and permanent disability
  • Flexible repayment periods
  • No penalty for early repayment
  • Financing to Kenyans in the diaspora
  • We arrange for valuation and legal processes by bank-appointed service providers.

Access to Prepaid Funds

An effective money management facility where any prepaid amount into your mortgage account, over and above the instalment amount, goes towards reducing the principal balance and you save on interest.

At the same time the prepaid funds remain fully accessible to you and can be withdrawn at your discretion. Your current, savings and mortgage accounts will be linked so that when you want to transfer the prepaid funds out of the mortgage account, you can do so automatically.

Platinum Investments

Money Market Fund

This is a low risk fund made up of money market securities i.e. Treasury Bills, commercial paper, bank deposits and short term bonds. It is ideal for investors who have very short term obligations who wish to preserve their investment capital and make it earn high regular income. The fund will invest in high quality interest bearing money market and short term debt instruments and is suitable for low risk investors.

Equity Fund

This fund aims to offer superior returns over the medium to longer term by maximizing long term capital growth. The core holding of the fund assets will be held in listed securities of companies listed on the Nairobi Stock Exchange. Investors in this fund should ideally have a medium to long term time horizon, and the fund is suitable for investors seeking long term capital growth.

Growth Fund

The fund aims to achieve long term stability and capital growth. The fund is suitable for investors who are seeking moderate investment risk with a reasonable level of current income. The fund is composed of listed shares, bonds and cash. The fund will invest in securities listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange for growth and interest bearing assets for income.

Bond Fund

The fund aims to achieve long term capital growth as well as a reasonable level of income at a low to medium risk. The fund optimizes total returns by investing in the appropriate fixed income securities (this includes government & non-government bonds, commercial paper, corporate bonds, and mortgage bonds and cash deposits). This is a low to medium risk fund.

NIC Securities

NIC Securities buys and sells shares on your behalf at the Nairobi Securities Exchange.

We provide you with guidance driven by our research recommendations. This service is provided to a wide range of clients including both local and foreign fund managers, hedge funds and insurance companies as well as high net worth and retail clients.

The mobile trading is envisaged through our NOW application that is available for Windows, Android, Apple and other smartphones and tablets. Additionally, we also provide online share trading to make trading easy, fast and convenient allowing you to never miss a trading opportunity.

Platinum Insurance

Home Insurance

Also known as “Domestic Package”, this is insurance for residential property that you own or have rented and its contents, liabilities in a single policy.

The policy covers: –

  • Buildings: These are the residential buildings that you own
  • Loss of rent: If you own the building or have rented it out, we provide additional cover for the rent earned.
  • Contents: The contents of the residence usually means household goods and personal effects of every description belonging to, or being the responsibility of you the insured or members of your family permanently residing with you or resident domestic servants; whilst contained in the dwelling or in domestic outbuildings and garages specifically mentioned.
  • All Risks: Property is insured against loss or damage by any accident or misfortune, subject to the policy exclusions. Such property includes specified jewelry, watches, gold and silver articles, mobile phones, laptops, spectacles, binoculars and photographic equipment for private use, unspecified luggage, clothing and personal effects.
  • Workmen’s Compensation: As the insured, you may insure your domestic servants for liability in case of death or injury arising in the course of employment and this is governed by the Work Injury Benefits Act.
  • Owner’s Liability: This covers your legal liability as the owner of a building for death, injury or property damage to third parties
  • Occupier’s Personal Liability: This covers your legal liability as the occupier of a building for death, injury or property damage to third parties

Personal Accident Insurance

This insurance provides you with 24hour peace of mind in the event of an accident. Personal accident cover is designed to provide you with financial help if you sustain an injury, or if you suffer a fatal accident.

Typical benefits:

  • Accidental Death
  • Permanent Disability
  • Cash payment (paid upon admission to hospital)
  • Temporary total disability (weekly income paid up to 2 years)
  • Medical expenses
  • Purchase of artificial appliances
  • Last Expense (final benefit for funeral expenses)

Travel Insurance

An insurance product designed to cover your costs, and reduce the risks associated with unexpected events during travel. Travel insurance usually covers you the insured in two main categories: costs associated with medical expenses and trip cancellations.


  • Medical Expenses
  • Personal Liability/Legal Assistance
  • Accidental Death or Permanent Disability
  • Loss or Theft of Cash, trade samples, travel documents
  • Cancellation Fees and Lost Deposits
  • Alternative Transport Expenses
  • Loss of Luggage and Personal Effects
  • Delayed Luggage Allowance
  • Additional Expenses associated with trip curtailment or cancellation
  • Hijacking

Golfers Insurance

Golfer’s Insurance is specially designed to meet your needs as a golfer. It covers you if you are accidentally injured while playing golf, or if your golf equipment gets damaged or lost. We provide you with worldwide coverage at any golf course or driving range, so you can enjoy your game with peace of mind wherever you are.


  • Protection for golf equipment and personal effects
  • 24-hour personal accident cover
  • Celebrate your hole-in-one
  • Liabilities to the Public

Health Insurance

Provides you with insurance coverage that caters for medical expenses.


  • In-patient expenses (includes consultation, surgical operations, fees, medicine, home nursing, organ transplants, post hospitalization treatments including several other hospitalization costs)
  • Out-patient expenses (includes consultation, prescribed medicines, scans and x-rays, injections and other primary care outpatient costs)
  • Dental expenses (includes Consultation, Extractions, Fillings, Scaling, X-Rays, Prescriptions, Crowning, Bridging, Braces)
  • Optical expenses (includes Routine optical consultations, Prescription of frames, Prescribed lenses and Optical Prescriptions)
  • Maternity expenses – inpatient and outpatient coverage for both normal and caesarian deliveries.

Knowledge Hub

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NIC Bank Contact Details

Head Office I NIC House I Masaba Road I Nairobi
P.O.Box 44599 -00100
Platinum Dedicated Line : 0711041041
Telephone: 2888217, 0711041111, 0732141111

NIC Bank Ltd Service Centres

  • Riverside Branch
  • Karen Branch
  • ABC Branch
  • Junction Branch
  • Kilimani Branch
  • NIC House Branch
  • Harbour House Mombasa

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