Tree Planting Movement

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Over the last few months, there has been a national debate around the state of our forests and the adverse weather effects we have been facing as a nation.


To address this concern, we have established a flagship private sector tree planting movement.


The aim of the campaign is to spark a tree planting initiative by raising consciousness of every Kenyan to go out and plant trees by addressing the deforestation challenges in the watersheds areas.


Our ambition is to plant 30 million trees to increase the tree cover in Kenya. We shall endeavor to amplify the clarion call and commitments towards the constitutional threshold of 10% tree cover for all the available public and private spaces. The focus will be to inculcate ecological values that make tree planting a habit to ensure a sustained adoption of a tree growing culture amongst the citizenry.


You can support this campaign dubbed #ChangeTheStory now by:

  1. Planting a tree, taking a selfie and sharing it on social media using #ChangeTheStory
  2. Contributing towards the campaign using M-Pesa Pay Bill Number

Business No: 859855

Account No: Change The Story


We have partnered with Green Belt Movement to assist in identifying critical watershed areas, types of indigenous trees to be planted and to manage the after care through a community based approach.

For more information about Green Belt movement, click here.


April 12, 2018


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