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Our Vision

To establish long term, profitable customer relationships through the provision of a complete range of banking and financial services.

Mission Statement

To be the leading financial services provider to our target, Market, we are committed to the highest standards of service and to exceeding our stakeholders’ expectations.

Our Values

Integrity: Being honest and having strong moral principles

Professionalism: Showing confidence and skill

Responsiveness: Turnaround time is key – exceed expectations

Passion: Showing boundless enthusiasm for what you do

Innovation: Coming up with fresh new ways of doing things

Fair Employment Practices

NIC Bank seeks to recruit, develop and retain the best talented people.

Recruitment of new employees through a rigorous selection process is based on qualification, experience and suitability.

Advancement at NIC Bank is based on talent, performance, and individual potential to grow. Other processes that support the organization structure include Job evaluation and placement, succession planning and reward management.

The Bank is fully committed to equal employment opportunity.

Workplace Commitments

We are committed to fair employment practices and a workplace free from any kind of discrimination, harassment or intimidation of employees.

We are committed to a workplace free from drug use or sale.

We are committed to the safety of our employees and all others on our premises.


In order to achieve NIC Bank’s objective of being the leading financial services provider to our target market whist being committed to the highest standards of service and to exceeding our stakeholder’s expectations, the bank is continuously searching for knowledgeable, talented and experienced individuals who are passionate about success to join our team.

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